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I will be tipping my "Lock Of The Day" selections at average odds of approximately 10/11 with a long term target strike (win) rate of 65-68% which would obviously produce big profit. Tips will be my best bets, not available anywhere else, mainly from the NFL, NCAAF, NHL and NBA and some NCAAB bets. Most are usually sent out less than 1 hour before the start of a particular contest and are based on late breaking information such as injures, weather and private information from our sources.





The average person does not live in Las Vegas. 90% of the tips come from other people all over the U.S. ... Some of them are not even gamblers -- just Arm Chair Quarterbacks trying to make money. Do you want their help or mine when choosing your wagers?  I live here in Las Vegas, I bet here, you can visit the Excalibur Sports Book any day of the week and chances are you will find me betting my money on the same picks we give you. We have our hands on the pulse of the Las Vegas gambling industry and we know how to find winners.

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Our performance and records have been independently verified by numerous agencys including Pick Montior, USASports Monitor.

Why hide your results if you can provide winning picks. We put our picks on various monitoring groups so you can see every day what we choose the day after the games.

We put our money into play just like you do. We are in the Excalibur Sportsbook or Poker Room 4 to 7 days a week and my picture is on my website so I am easy to find. Visiting Las Vegas, come watch a game with me and I will give you my picks for that day 100% free. 





We bet on so many sports first of all bet we bet year round. We make our living betting on sports and we bet every day 365 days a year if their is a percentage play to make. We choose these sports because they are popular and there is a wide range in lines from book to book so we always have the option to take the best numbers. There may not be a good play in NBA or NCAAB but a couple of excellent plays in the NHL. With me it is always looking for the mismatchs and special opportunity.







Most people think simply the "Line" is the book makers perception of the outcome of the game. IT IS NOT. It is their perception of how they can get half of the people to choose one team and half to choose the other. That is their goal when setting the line. Most people play the favorites and the overs. For that reason they have to skew the line to split the money and that is where we "WIN."

The 76rs are a prime example. They are 29-34 Against the Spread (ATS) this year. However, since they have gone on their record-setting losing streak, the books have had to keep increasing the points given to them and they are 7-4 ATS the last 11 games.


Sports betting is a HUGE industry! Billions of dollars float out there waiting to be grabbed and with a mathematical approach, you can get the edge needed!!





JBRSports is a Sport Investment Agency. Many people are gamblers and bet on sports. We INVEST in sports. Both can be lucrative but the Sports Investion Market is there daily and the rewards are today. Not investing $100K for 6 months to earn 5% and make $5000. We can earn that in a few days with 5 winning plays. We search the games from all sports and use many differnt parameters including trends, odds, past results by team and by player in sports like Hockey and MLB where the goalie and pitcher have such a great influence on the results.




It’s Not Win Percentages... It’s all about "THE UNITS”

You see many people tracking the winning percentages. We track the Units. Our dime players are up over $200K in the last 17 months. We provide winners and we earn Units. Some games are simply worth more based on the information than others. Those games deserve a higher Unit play and they provide a higher winning percentage.

Sports betting appeals to the smart bettor because it is not a game with a fixed house edge where the casinos are raking off fixed percentage. Sports betting requires more skill than luck similar to live poker. You won’t win every time but the working with a skilled handicapper has a huge advantage over being just a recreational bettor.





Many people ask me! The answer is both simple and complex. The winning percentages and number of Units Bet of course come into play but the amount of your bank roll is as big or bigger an influence. We are provideing your with a graph below where you can see an idea of the potential earnings based on the size of your wagers. We never advise you to invest more than 1% to 2% of your total bankroll on any given game.

That means if you are betting with a $10K bank roll you are betting $100 per unit, a $30K bank roll $300 per unit and so on. You can easily double, triple and quadruple your bank roll over time by simply using the proper Money Management techniques described on in the "More" section of our website. Without this proper use of your money you will eventuall lose your entire bankroll no matter how many games you win vs lose.






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